Monday, October 27, 2008

10/28/08: Then and Now Meme

There's this thing going around where you draw yourself in high school and then in college.
I thought my journey through adolescence and young-adulthood was interesting enough to warrant four steps.

So, here you go: Kori in Middle School, High School ,College, and Now.
Oh how far we've come.


J.Shea said...

LOL you were such a cutie in middle school! hahaha

S.N. Couming said...

There are very few people who can rock a obiwan rat-tail. :)

sorry I wasn't very friendly when you came to the studio tuesday. Been really sick. You should come hang out more often!

Kori Michele said...

@jshea: no man, you don't understand how few friends I had in middle school. I had like, negative friends. I was a "cutie" only in the saddest way possible. Lol.

@Sare-bear (yea that's your new nickname): I didn't even notice that you weren't really friendly, in fact I was psyched you waved at me. *shrug* And again, to say that I "rocked" the obiwan tail is, in reality, such a stretch that its actually a lie. I had one, it was on me, yes. Did I rock it, oh lord no. I look back at my school-age sense of fashion with great regret. a warm and fuzzy kind of way. If that makes any sense.